When it comes to rental-related documents, it is crucial to put appropriate thought and consideration into your lease agreement. This agreement is intended to protect both the landlord and the tenant, so it is important to include necessary information in the lease agreement. Here are a few important items to include in the lease agreement. 

Security Deposits

It is important that your tenants understand what security deposits you require and how they will be used if they are withheld. If you require a deposit for pets, it will be important to outline this here. This will help to protect you and your tenants regarding the security deposit. 

All Tenants’ Names

It is vital to ensure that every tenant is listed on the lease agreement. If only one tenant is listed on the lease agreement, you may be unable to enforce the rules with the other tenant. Require every occupant to be listed on the lease agreement and have every adult tenant sign the agreement. 

Rent Factors

You need to have the rent cost listed clearly on the lease agreement. You should also include the due date for rent, as well as possible late fees or insufficient fund fees. List who is responsible for utility payments.  

Term Length

Include the term length on the lease agreement. You should also outline your policy for early lease termination, as well as the process to renew the lease agreement. 

Your Rules and Policies

You should state your specific rules and policies in the lease agreement. This portion should include things like your pet policy, smoking policy, and prohibiting illegal activity on the premises. Having these rules and policies listed will prevent tenants from claiming that they didn’t know your policies if they violate the lease agreement. 

Your lease agreement is incredibly important, because it is used to ensure that landlords and tenants remain on the same page regarding their lease agreement. To learn more about important considerations regarding your lease agreement or to obtain help crafting your own lease agreement, contact our experts at the Keyrenter in Alexandria today!