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Let Us Manage Your Lorton Rental Property

Being a self-managing landlord can be difficult. There are so many responsibilities to handle when you own one or more rental properties, and oftentimes being a landlord becomes a full-time job – whether you want it to be or not.

When you have a professional partner like Keyrenter Alexandria, you reduce your hours but keep your business running smoothly. As a professional property management company, we have access to a ton of benefits that wouldn’t be available to DIY landlords like advanced systems, discounted repair costs, and access to industry experts.

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Every day, more property owners trust us to handle their rental units because of our commitment to excellence. We manage different types of rental properties from single-family homes and condos to duplexes and multi-family units.
For your Lorton rental property, we will take care of marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance and repairs, and more! Under our care, your rental maintains its outstanding condition, tenants are treated fairly, and your rental earnings remain stable.

Keyrenter Alexandria offers guarantees to our valued customers:

  • Eviction Guard: Coverage of $1,500 for eviction costs if we placed the tenant in your rental.
  • Tenant Guarantee: Free tenant replacement if we place a tenant who breaks their lease early or gets evicted.
  • Maintenance Guarantee: All repairs are timely, affordable, and done properly. We don’t cut corners.
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Keyrenter Alexandria is well-awarded and was named one of the the Best Property Management Companies in Alexandria and Arlington in 2022. We’re fully dedicated to helping our clients reach their business goals.

Contact us today at (703) 520-5000. We want to let you experience our enhanced property management approach and excellent services. You can also send us a message at [email protected].

Our Property Management Services

Keyrenter Alexandria uses our expertise in advertising your vacant rental unit, performing tenant screening, collecting the rent, crafting a lease, and keeping up with property maintenance and repair.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy as our valued client:

Marketing Your Rental Property

Advertising your Lorton rental home without a careful market study can lead to a waste of resources. You save your time and money when you hire Keyrenter Alexandria to create attractive ads, analyze market conditions and current property demand, and use offline and online marketing techniques to reach as many people as possible.

We also provide automated showings making it a hassle-free process that leads to greater interest from prospective residents. The more potential renters show up, the higher the chances of finding high-quality ones.

Tenant Screening Process

Keeping up with high standards means protecting your Lorton rental home. But at times, self-managing landlords can focus on the short-term vision of receiving rental income, especially if they’ve had a vacant property for a long time.

With Keyrenter Alexandria as your property manager, you end up with properly-screened residents whose tenant histories have been carefully reviewed and whose incomes and employment have been verified.

Hand holding a key connected to a house-shaped keychain
We also protect our clients against the risks of facing disputes. We comply with Fair Housing laws while performing our 14-step tenant screening procedure.

Creating Leases

Creating a lease requires you to know the local laws. To ensure your Lorton rental home lease protects you, work with Keyrenter Alexandria. We have an in-house attorney that reviews the contract for any legal issues.

Another benefit we provide is that conflicts with renters are reduced since all terms and conditions are specific to your unit. Policies regarding pets, subletting, rent payment, and property maintenance requests are outlined clearly. It also includes the duties of both the landlord and renter to ensure both parties are fully aware of their responsibilities.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

A well-maintained Lorton rental home makes it more likely to have long-term tenants. But attending to multiple daily maintenance tasks can absorb all of your time. Working with us means you don’t have to worry about maintenance because you know it’s all being taken care of.

Under our management, repairs are scheduled promptly, maintenance requests are addressed as soon as possible, and property inspections are performed routinely. We ensure leaks are fixed, mold is remediated, gutters are cleaned, and broken toilets are repaired or replaced.

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With our strong dedication to property maintenance and repair, your rental unit is more habitable than ever. We think this is why 94% of our tenants get their security deposits back and 72% renew their leases.

Managing Evictions

Although less than 1% of our tenants have ever been evicted, we reassure our clients that we’re reliable in performing this step when necessary. We also want to reassure you that it’s our last resort, and we’ll first try to find a solution for both parties. But if there’s no other option, we will evict the renter following a legal procedure.

About Lorton, Virginia

Lorton is considered a census-designated place and part of Fairfax County. Its name was taken after a village in Cumbria, England. Lorton’s borders are Laurel Hill, Newington, Fort Belvoir, Mason Neck, and Woodbridge. One can also find six elementary schools in Lorton.

Residents appreciate living in Lorton for its access to excellent schools, recreational parks, and great choices of restaurants and shops. The community is friendly and the suburb is also peaceful. When people want a break from routine, they can easily head to nearby Washington D.C.

It is perfectly suitable for families raising kids, working professionals, and retirees. Lorton also provides a sense of safety and quick access to city centers and shopping centers making it a solid residential base.

Here are interesting things to see in Lorton, Virginia:

1. Workhouse Arts Center
2. Mason Neck State Park
3. Occoquan Regional Park
4. Workhouse Prison Museum
5. Lorton Station
6. Pohick Bay Golf Course
7. George Mason’s Gunston Hall
8. Laurel Hill Golf Club
9. Pirates Cove Water Park
10. Tamarack Stables

(Source: Wikipedia)