At rental properties, the best way to lower maintenance costs is through regular, preventative maintenance. Failure to provide regular maintenance can result in significant repair costs, which is why prevention is so important. Maintenance at a rental property can be a time-consuming and complicated process, especially if you have tenants living on the property. There are, however, many things that simply can’t be overlooked when going through your regular maintenance.


Gutters protect your house from sustaining significant water damage. They redirect rain flow and other water runoff to safer areas, ensuring that the water doesn’t settle in the foundation of your home. Gutters must be cleaned out regularly to prevent a build up of debris. They must also be regularly inspected to ensure that there is no damage.


The lint filters of the dryer must be cleaned out regularly. Lint build up can contribute to house fires, which can cause significant damage to the property. Fires are also dangerous! Cleaning out the filter regularly can also extend the life of the heating element.

Water Heaters

Water naturally has particles of sediment in it. When the water stays in the water heater, this sediment often drifts to the floor of the heater. This can cause damage to the bottom of the water heater. For this reason, the water heater should be drained and cleaned annually. Doing this can help extend the life of your water heater, as well as makes water heating more efficient.

As a property manager, prevention is the best way to lower your overall maintenance costs. Regular maintenance can seem like a huge undertaking but providing this maintenance will make significant reductions in repair expenses. Prevention can help reduce unexpected issues from arising. Finding small issues in the beginning can prevent much larger, more expensive issues from occurring. To learn more about how a property management company can help make your life easier, contact us at Keyrenter in Alexandria today.